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Investment Criteria

ARC Industries has built a portfolio of unique companies operating in the dynamic low end of the middle market - a segment that is overlooked by most investors.  Our portfolio companies generally have revenue in the $5 - $50 million range, and we have invested in the manufacturing, distribution, and service sectors.

We focus on niche companies that have separated themselves from the competition through a variety of factors such as operational expertise, branding, differentiated services or products, or superior service.

We work with a deep bench of operating partners, so we can accommodate a scenario where the owner is seeking to transition out of the business.  In other situations where the owner would like to remain actively involved after a sale, we are creative in developing win-win incentive structures.

We are typically not a good fit for real estate, start-up, or distressed investment opportunities.  We invest in business that are U.S. domiciled and have posted several years of operating profit.

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