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PetroChem Recovery Services
Since 1982, PetroChem Recovery Services has served
as a full service environmental consulting/
remediation company to the Mid-Atlantic region for
various government agencies, large industrial, small business and residential clients.  Please visit www.petrochemrecovery.com.
Condit Exhibits, Inc.
Condit Exhibits, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of portable and custom tradeshow
displays and exhibits. Condit designs and fabricates a multitude of three-dimensional marketing
environments ranging from small display exhibits to multi-piece interpretive designs. Please
visit www.condit.com.
Bob Popp Building Services
Bob Popp Building Services has provided consulting
services to architects, builders, building owners, and
building managers since the company began operating in 1975.  Please visit:  www.bobpoppbuildingservices.com
Allscape Commercial Landscape Maintenance
Allscape was started in 1996 as needs and
opportunities in the commercial real estate market
presented themselves.  The operation was centered
around a holistic approach to landscape
management, where all landscape services could be offered from one source.  Please visit www.allscapenc.com.
Haz~Mat Environmental Services, Inc.
Haz~Mat, formed in 1944, is the leading provider of
environmental and industrial services in the
southeast. At the time of the acquisition, the Seller
was seeking effectuate a succession plan and to
diversify his net worth. Since the acquisition, ARC has
grown the company substantially, and maintained zero employee turnover. Please
visit www.hazmatnc.com.

PetroChem Recovery Services
Bob Popp Building Services
Fine ArtFine Art, Inc.
Fine ArtFine Art, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of
framed art. FAI sells only to the trade (retail stores, interior designers, etc).
Underground Camera Services, Inc.
Located in Monroe, NC, the Company was founded in 1995 and is one of four local competitors that
pro video underground camera services to municipalities and developers. The seller was seeking to
achieve personal liquidity and reduce his overall exposure to the business.
Underground Camera Services, Inc.

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Porfolio Companies

Shipyard Staffing (previously Capital Consultants)
Shipyard Staffing (SS) was formed in 1982 to cover the
increasing needs for personnel and tradesman in the
marine industry. SS is a leading national of skilled
tradesman for the ship repair and ship construction
industry. SS's talent includes skilled tradesman,
experienced professionals, college-level management and upper management.
Please visit www.shipyardstaffing.com.
PetroChem Recovery Services
Shipyard Staffing
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